Cohen Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) New Hyde Park, NY

Duration: 6-10 weeks depending on chosen program

Details: CCMC’s summer research internship program originated in 2010, and has grown steadily over the years based on the extraordinary feedback from past interns and the equally positive experience that clinical faculty have experienced while working with such bright, highly talented and motivated students. Clinical research internship positions are now available in 6 different pediatric divisions – providing students with a range of options in terms of minimum time commitment, clinical focus, and ambulatory vs. in-patient setting.

The attached PDF provides information about the summer internship program in each of these 6 clinical areas:

· Hospital Medicine

· Infectious Disease

· Nephrology

· Pulmonary

· Allergy & Immunology

· Quality & Safety

Students who are interested in collaborating on one or more clinical research projects – with opportunities for co-authorship on abstracts and papers – may apply for an internship position in any or all of the 6 sub-specialty areas. There is a “common application” for each internship program, though the internship programs do vary in terms of which additional supporting materials are requested.

Application: Apply here.

Deadline: The application deadline for all of the internships is Friday, March 3rd 2017; however, students are strongly encouraged to apply early. Students will be notified in late March of their application status.

Memorial Medical Observers

Memorial Medical Observers is a student-run club that supports and arranges shadowing experiences for pre-medical students in the South Bend community.

In conjunction with the Center for Health Sciences Advising, Memorial Medical Observers offers two 1-credit community-based directed reading courses. The experiential component of the course will involve students spending four hours per week shadowing a family practice resident or physician at the Memorial Central Clinic at the Center for the Homeless or at the Centennial Clinic, where healthcare is provided for low-income patients. For the academic component, students will be assigned readings focused on Catholic social justice in medicine. These directed reading courses are supervised by Dr. Brandon Zabukovic, ND '97. Placements are limited.

An application may be downloaded here. The deadline for applications is 4 p.m. on October 14, 2016. Completed application forms should be submitted to the Center for Health Sciences Advising in the Jordan Hall of Science, Room 219.

Holy Family Surgery Center

The Holy Family Surgery Center (HFSC) is a non-profit surgery center in Honduras founded by Dr. Peter Daly ’82, and his wife Lulu. The mission of the HFSC is to serve the poor in Honduras while offering educational opportunities to local healthcare practitioners.

HFSC has a volunteer opportunity for pre-med students who are interested in taking a gap year and gaining medical experience before applying to medical school. The yearlong program begins in January or June and will focus on patient coordination and general operations of HFSC. The center is currently looking for a volunteer specifically for January 2017.

More information can be found on the center’s website. Learn more in this video from the Center of Social Concerns regarding the project’s impact on students.

Cohen Children's Medical Center

The Division of Genetics and Genomics at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York City has just created a clinical research position for a student interested in pursuing a gap year.  Attached is a description of this paid position along with an application. This position is for the current academic year.


If this opportunity is of interest to you, please complete the attached application application and submit it directly to Van Trinh Nguyen at vnguyen7@northwell.edu.  There is a rolling submission deadline. However, priority will be given to candidates who submit all materials by 9/29/17

John Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute (GBCI) Baltimore, Maryland

The research laboratory of Dr. Noah M. Hahn MD within the John Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute (GBCI) in Baltimore, Maryland, is accepting applications for summer research interns for the summer of 2018. The GBCI is a first-of-its kind organization founded in 2014 with the sole mission to eradicate bladder cancer through better understanding of its molecular underpinnings, improved treatment outcomes, and heightened public and patient awareness. The Hahn lab focuses on novel epigenetic diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to improve outcomes of patients and families affected by bladder cancer.


Over the course of the summer, research interns will be introduced to basic laboratory techniques (cell culture, MTT assessment, DNA/RNA extraction, qPCR, Western blot, etc.) commonly used in medical research labs throughout the world, observe the medical and surgical care of bladder cancer patients, and complete a primary research project of their own.


This internship provides a unique opportunity for research interns to be exposed to multiple leaders in the bladder cancer research community at one of the world's most esteemed academic medical institutions. No prior research experience is required. Applicants intending to pursue medical school training or primary medical research based graduate programs are encouraged to apply.


Interested applicants should send a personal statement (1-page maximum) with their resume or CV to nhan4@jhmi.edu by January 15, 2018.


National Alliance of Research Associates Program (NARAP)

NARAP is a nonprofit clinical research organization that facilitates large-scale, national, multi-center studies to increase the quality healthcare in the United States.

NARAP has been conducting a study on implementing primary care cancer screening for patients and their visitors in the emergency department and is looking for students to be a part of their work that is hoping ot enroll more than 300,000 participants nationwide. The opportunities are for current undergraduates and recent college graduates and include:

Line Research Associate (one, 4-hour shift per week in the emergency department as data collectors for clinical research)

Chief Research Associate (college graduates, 20-hours per week as middle managers of RA programs at NARAP Affiliate hospitals)

Summer Program in Community Health Innovation

Through a grant from the Leighton Foundation, the Indiana University medical school here in South Bend is launching the Summer Community Health Innovation Program. This program will create a learning community comprised of medical students from IUSM-SB, and undergraduate and graduate students (from various local institutions and disciplines). Participants will be engaged in community-based learning with various agencies and organizations that focus on health-related social needs. This experience will be integrated with a didactic program addressing social determinants of health, health disparities, community-based research, design thinking and innovation. The goal is that participants will develop an understanding of factors adversely impacting community health and well-being, and work toward identifying innovative approaches to overcoming these challenges.


It is an 8-week program, June 1-July 27, and includes a stipend. For more information, please contact Dr. Joe Kotva.


Bradford Woods

Bradford Woods is Indiana University's Outdoor Center supported by the Riley Children’s Foundation and Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

Bradford Woods operates 10 weeks of recreation therapy summer camps for people with cancer, sickle cell anemia, cerebral palsy, craniofacial anomalies, severe burn survivors, autism, various physical disabilities, rare genetic disorders, and Down syndrome.


Bradford Woods hires a staff of 80+ individuals and is currently recruiting for the summer of 2018. Bradford Woods has proven to be an excellent opportunity for students in the field of Medicine because of the therapeutic mindset and practices applied to all we do as well as the variety of camper population we see. Students will be provided extensive hands-on experience on a daily basis and see a wide variety of medical needs and procedures. Bradford Woods has also served as a practicum/field work site for many pre-med students. 


There are a number of opportunities for undergraduates available, including serving as a Cabin Head or Cabin Counselor.


For more information, contact Tommy Gardner or visit their website.


UPenn Summer Internship 2018:

Two paid internships at the University of Pennsylvania are available for students from the College of Science. Please see attachment for full details.
One is working with Dr. Robert Vonderheide's research group at the University of Pennsylvania whose focus is tumor immunology and developing novel immunotherapies for cancer.
The second is a position at the Basser Center which would be a great opportunity for someone interested in genetics or genetic counseling. The student would work with a genetic counselor. Dr. Susan Domchek is the Executive Director of the Basser Center.
Both positions are full time with paid stipend. Students are responsible for their own housing.
Eligibility: students with a COS major, GPA>3.0, and currently a sophomore or junior
How to apply: Please submit an online application using urapply.nd.edu, ensuring "UPenn Summer Internship" is checked as the program. Must submit a personal statement, transcript, and one reference letter from an ND Faculty. 
Deadline: March 15, 2018
See the attachment below for more details about Dr. Vonderheide, Dr. Domchek, and the internship opportunities. 
Please email Dr. Kathleen Kolberg at kkolberg@nd.edu or Prof. Sheryl Lu at xlu1@nd.edu with any questions.

Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (Indiana CTSI) Undergraduate Clinical and Translational Research Program:

Summer Research Program
Deadline for application is March 16, 2018. 
Please contact Xuemin (Sheryl) Lu, xlu1@nd.edu, Undergraduate Research Coordinator, with any questions. 

The DaVinci Summer Grant Program

Undergraduates in the Colleges of A&L and Science are welcome to submit proposals for interdisciplinary research or creative projects during the summer. Students may independently design their projects or propose a project related to some aspect of their faculty mentor's research. The maximum award per student is $4,500, which may be used for travel, living expenses and the purchase of art or research materials. Students may work alone or in teams.
Deadline: March 19, 2018
Please click on this link The DaVinci Summer Grant Program for more information and to apply. Please see attached flyer for more information.

College of Science Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Rare and Neglected Diseases:

The Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Disease (CRND) and the College of Science, with support from the Powers family fund, will support Notre Dame undergraduate science students to engage in summer research in 2018. Please see attachment for full details.
Program Activities: Full-time research should be conducted for 9-10 weeks on research mentored by CRND and COS faculty. Participants must provide a thank you letter to donors and summary of their research experience before the fall semester begins, and present their research at a scientific conference or symposium within one academic year.
Support: The CRND-COS Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship award consists of a $4,000 stipend and $500 for supplies. Successful applicants with demonstrated financial hardship will be given the opportunity to apply for additional support.
Eligibility: Current juniors with an interest in natural histories or laboratory research in rare and neglected diseases; seniors who graduate in May 2018 may also apply to carry out clinical research in the area of natural histories of rare and neglected diseases.
Application: Please submit online using urapply.nd.edu, ensuring that 
"Rare and Neglected Diseases" is checked as the program. See important details in attachment below.
Deadline: March 24, 2018
Please see attachment for full details and information on how to apply. 
For additional information, please contact crnd@nd.edu.

College of Science Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2018:

 The College of Science, with support from Indiana University School of Medicine - South Bend, Glynn Family Honors program, and many benefactors and foundations, including the Clare Boothe Luce Foundation, will support Notre Dame undergraduate science students to engage in summer research in 2018.


Program Activities. Full-time research should be conducted for 9-10 weeks on research mentored by College of Science (COS) faculty, or with current international collaborators of COS faculty at an institute abroad. Participants must provide a thank you letter to donors and summary of their research experience before the fall semester begins, and present their research at a scientific conference or symposium within one academic year.


Support. The domestic COS Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship award consists of a $4000 stipend and $500 for supplies. For the international COS-SURF the award for stipend, accommodation, and travel support will be $5500 total. Successful applicants with demonstrated financial hardship will be given the opportunity to apply for additional support.


Eligibility. Current sophomores and juniors eligible to apply should be enrolled in a Notre Dame College of Science major and have worked with theirCollege of Science faculty mentors for at least one semester prior to the summer of research. For the international COS-SURF only juniors are eligible. Successful applicants are required to continue working with their COS faculty mentor beyond the summer of funding.


Application. Please submit online using urapply.nd.edu, ensuring that ‘College of Science – Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship’ is checked as the program; no budget justification is needed. Students should check all programs for which they are eligible (e.g., Glynn Family Honors). Students ineligible for COS-SURF will not be considered. To be considered, the following needs to be submitted:

A. Proposal Narrative - upload as a pdf of no more than 5 pages and formatted exactly as follows: (1) Cover Page(name, gender, ethnicity, email,college, major[s], overall GPA, science GPA, career intent [e.g., MD, PhD], research mentor[s], and 3-5 keywords describing the proposed research); (2) Research Experiences (description of all research undertaken); (3) Research Intent (succinct but thorough one page description of proposed summer research that provides sufficient detail to demonstrate the viability of the research while enabling reviewers unfamiliar with the area ofresearch to provide an assessment); (4) Significance of Proposed Research (paragraph describing how information generated by proposed research could be applied more broadly, beyond academia); (5) Career Plans (explanation of how a summer research experience fits into the applicants career plans, both immediate and long-term); (6) Major Research Discovery (brief description of one research discovery, including reference to relevant citation that the applicant believes is critical to the area of proposed research, being sure to explain why), and, if research will be undertaken abroad, (7) Research Location (brief description and justification for the chosen location).

B. Letters of Support - on submitting the proposal, the research mentor will receive an email with instructions to upload their Letter of Support as a pdf. Only the research mentor for the proposed research should provide such a letter, including an assessment of applicant’s potential, such as the worthiness of the proposed research, and a statement of the likelihood of continuing research beyond the summer in the mentor’s laboratory. International proposals should also be supported by a letter from the foreign collaborator, which should include an explicit statement of willingness and capacity to host the student for the duration of research.

C. Official Transcript – upload an original pdf provided by the Registrar of the University of Notre Dame; it is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain and upload the transcript.


Deadline. Application materials are due by Monday March 5, 2018. Applications will only be considered if they are complete; includes a proposal narrative no longer than 5 pages; is formatted correctly, and/or submitted before the deadline. Complete applications will be acknowledged by an email when submitted, first from urapply.nd.edu and then by the College of Science. If you do not hear from the College of Science by Friday March 9, 2018, then please contact us as there likely is some issue with the content of the application meaning that it will not be considered.


Selection. Final selection will be made based upon reviews of applications by College of Science faculty who will consider qualifications of candidates, quality of proposed research, and whether proposals are well written, concise, and compelling. All efforts will be made to notify successful applicants by early April.


Research Assistantship with Arthroscopic Surgeon

Dr. Dominic Carreira '95 is looking for a research assistant for his work in Atlanta. The position is a yearlong commitment and would be a paid/grant position. Dr. Carreira practices clinically based research. The work will be multi-center orthopedic lcincial outcome studies. Work responsibilities include manuscript preparation, grant writing, power point and poster presentations, patient enrollment and follow-up, and coordinating all research activities.  There is opportunity to see patients in the office and observe surgeries. If you are interested and/or want to apply, send along a CV to dcarreira@gmail.com

For more information about Dr. Carreira and his work, please visit his website.

Gap Year at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System

The University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System in downtown Chicago is excited to offer a gap-year position to interested Notre Dame graduating students for July 1st, 2018 through June 30th, 2019.  The successful applicant will be working under Dr. William J. Ennis DO, MBA, MMM who is the Catherine and Francis Burzik Professor of Surgery and Chief of the section of wound healing and tissue repair in the Division of Vascular surgery. Over the past 8 years, graduates from Notre Dame have worked in the department and have continued on to enroll in professional medical programs. This position will be of interest to those contemplating medical school and who have an interest in business administration. The position will be 100% under the college of medicine.The applicant will work within the University to grow the wound care fellowship, participate and help prepare journal clubs, help launch “project echo” at the University of Illinois, and interact with the AMA, AOA, ACS and other professional medical societies. It is the goal of the American College of wound healing to formally create the specialty of wound care and UIC has the nation’s first fellowship program. The applicant will need to live in the Chicago area, have transportation and be willing tackle a wide range of projects, clinical experiences and administrative tasks. The salary will be $40,000 with a full benefits package. Please forward your CV to Beth McLeod (bmcleod@uic.edu)  for consideration. We plan on conducting several phone interviews and then two or three face-to-face interviews prior to the final selection. 

Find additional information at




Research Specialist at University of Chicago School of Medicine

The research specialist will work in the Department of Surgery's section of Colon and Rectal Surgery.  Under general supervision of the PI and Section Administrator, the Research Specialist will provide technical support for a microbiome research laboratory by performing multiple basic laboratory techniques independently. 

For more information, please see this information sheet. To apply, please send resumes to Regan O'Connor.