Evan Panken

As a high school athlete, Evan Panken always enjoyed his visits to the doctor when he had to be treated for injuries. Because the human body fascinated him, his experiences with medical professionals were always a learning experience he looked forward to. 


Apart from studying science, Panken also plays left mid-field on the Notre Dame soccer team. On the team he is part of an accountability group that helps younger players get acclimated to college and life as a student athlete. He has also participated in the Rosenthal Leadership Academy, a program that aims to develop and enhance strong leadership on Notre Dame athletic teams by targeting emerging and existing leaders with progressive annual programming.

Throughout the year Panken volunteers his time in the Sister Maura Brannick Health Center, A St. Joseph Medical Health Center that provides primary healthcare services to uninsured residents of St. Joseph County. He started last semester and goes twice a week, helping the center in a variety of roles like working at the front desk, filling prescriptions, and stocking the food pantry.

Panken also had the opportunity to go to El Salvador during the summer of 2015, where he worked at a public health clinic. He traveled with a group called Echo, a public health team that makes house visits in the community for a month.

Evan’s post-graduate plans include returning to Notre Dame next fall to finish up his last year on the soccer team and then applying to medical school in the fall.