Jahmel Jordon

Jahmel Jordon’s top priority is to help people by doing “something that has a profound effect on their lives.” It is why he is a preprofessional student, it is why he wants to be a surgeon, it is why he does the things that he does.

Jahmel Jordon 250

Growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., Jahmel always wanted to help people. As he’s gotten older he realized the best way to help people is through medicine. As a surgeon he would get to do something that has “tangible results in someone’s health.” His goal is to be a surgeon specializing in trauma care or orthopedics. Jordon’s interest in orthopedic surgery stems from his love for art.

Along with being a preprofessional student, Jordon is also pursuing a minor in studio art. He initially decided on art as a way to balance out his demanding science courses, but then he became really invested in the work he was doing. He particularly enjoys making metallic sculptures which he believes instills skills that will transfer well into surgery. In his classes he has to use tools like grinders and cutters in order to make sculptures and similar tools are used for surgery. He says the thought process of art making can be applied to surgery as well. “In sculpting, you have to be able to vision what it is you want to create and basically take away the parts you don’t need and there are infinite ways to do it. The same thing is done in surgery.” Jordon plans to shadow in an operating room during Christmas break to get a better feel for what orthopedic surgery will be like.

As he is preparing to move on with his life, Jordon often reflects on his time at Notre  Dame.  Having attended Catholic schools prior to college, Jordon figured he’d give Notre Dame a try. When he came on his first visit to campus, he believed it was a good choice and as a senior, he is reaping the benefits of his choice. “Notre Dame definitely taught me discipline,” Jordon said. “Now I realize the things I’ve done that I didn’t think were important, are actually important.” During his time at Notre Dame, he took a course called “Introduction to Hospice and Palliative Care.” The class is designed to provide undergraduate preprofessional students with an introductory understanding of palliative and hospice care. It was this class that further drove Jordon’s desire to help people and influenced him to volunteer at the Center for Hospice Care in Mishawaka. While there he bathed patients, changed their bedding materials, and other tasks to “make their process of dying a little bit more comfortable.” The volunteering experience gave him a humbling experience where he developed compassion for patients and their families.

Jordon has been accepted to the Tufts University School of Medicine and while he awaits for decisions from other institutions, he plans to spend the rest of senior year enjoying time with his friends.