Compassionate Care in Medicine Club


Location: 322 Jordan Hall of Science

Compassionate Care in Medicine (CCIM) Notre Dame is a brand new club that was just approved last semester. The club's mission is an extension of the Pathos Project class open to students at Notre Dame -  the group aims to foster an undergraduate education of what compassionate care in medicine is, how students can become compassionate doctors or personnel in the medical field, and the importance this type of care has on patients and patient outcomes.

The club will have local, regional and national doctors come and speak to members in a facilitated discussion/lecture about how they have exhibited compassion and the weight it carries in their practice. This is a great opportunity to get to know different doctors and seek advice concerning compassion in medicine. In the coming semester, the club will also have a lecture and film series surrounding patient-driven care and some medical ethics issues.

If you are at all interested in compassionate care in medicine, please attend the first meeting.

Emails will be collected for the official ListServ, but if you would like to add your name sooner, email the club.

Club Officers