Post-graduate service opportunities at Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry


Location: Geddes Hall

Nicole Campion, '13, decided to postpone her pursuit of medical school and commit to a year of post-graduate service so she could learn more about healthcare in the United States. She is now a volunteer at Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry in West Baltimore, Md., and will be on campus on Nov. 4 and 5 to discuss this volunteer opportunity with students.

At Bon Secours, volunteers commit to live out the five pillars of the organization throughout their year of service: live simply, practice God’s justice, grow spiritually, develop community, and learn through service. Volunteers work in one of three fields: health care (hospital, community health program, etc) social services (child development, etc) or education. Aside from placements, volunteers live together near placement sites in intentional community: sharing meals, praying together, and having the opportunity to learn about and reflect on the social and economic issues present in West Baltimore (drugs, poverty, abandoned homes, limited access to healthy food, and a history of racial divisions, to name a few).  They also receive a modest monthly stipend for living expenses, as well as the opportunity to earn an AmeriCorps education award.  As volunteers, they are part of the Bon Secours mission to provide "good help" (which is what "Bon Secours" means in French) to those in need.

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