Workshop: "Scientists Take Note: How to Talk to a Reporter"


Location: 101 Jordan Hall of Science

Are you a brilliant scientist who feels misunderstood by the public?  Are you a science student who wants to learn how to communicate your work more effectively?

Attend a one-hour workshop that will help you communicate more effectively so that the general public better understands your work. Learn practical tips for explaining your research more clearly, (hint: drop the technical jargon), and air your pent-up grievances toward the media in a Q&A session.

This workshop is free and open to the entire Notre Dame community. Any faculty, staff, or students working in science and/or communications are encouraged to attend.

The workshop will be hosted by Molly Bentley, executive producer and host of the radio show Big Picture Science, airing on more than 100 stations across the country, including locally on WVPE.  Molly has worked in London and in California as a science journalist for the BBC, including the World Service and Science/Nature Online, written for New Scientist, and teaches a course on radio writing and podcast production as part of the science communication program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Also in attendance: Seth Shostak, co-host of Big Picture Science, is an astronomer at the SETI Institute.  Seth has written several hundred popular magazine and Web articles on various topics in astronomy, technology, film and television, and gives dozens of popular talks on science a year.  He has edited and contributed to a half dozen books. Gary Niederhoff is a producer with Big Picture Science, who has worked in community radio in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly twenty years, producing on-air programs as well as administering fund raising activities and station events.

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