CLASS OFFERING - Cancer Research Day Symposium – 0 Credit Course

Location: The Morris Inn Ballroom and Private Dining Rooms

CLASS OFFERING - Cancer Research Day Symposium – 0 Credit Course

Date: Monday, April 20th   9am-6pm 
Location: The Morris Inn Ballroom and Private Dining Rooms

The Harper Cancer Research Institute is offering a 0-credit course in conjunction with the Cancer Research Day, Monday, April 20, 2020.  Attendance at the symposium is required. 

Schedule: trainee poster session from 9am-1pm, followed Oral Presentations, Keynote, Awards and Reception

Keynote: Dr. Edison Liu, President and CEO of The Jackson Laboratory and Director of the National Cancer Institute designated JAX Cancer Center


1.  Register for Cancer Research Day HERE  
2.  Register for class SC20310-01 (CRN 25959)

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