Applying to Medical & Dental School

Author: Corianne Kellems

Medical & Dental School Admission Process

  • Standardized tests: April and May
  • Primary application: June and July
  • Initial Screening: June and July
  • Secondary application: July through October
  • Admissions Review Committee: Begins in July
  • Interviews: Late August through March
  • Decision: October 15 through the first week of classes

Initial Screening

  • Applications must be submitted on time through a service or to schools.
  • It is important to fill out the application completely and accurately, without typos.
  • Timing is important – look at the deadline of your selected schools, including rolling admissions.
  • MCAT scores of at least 10 across the board are good.
  • DAT scores above 18 are good.
  • Reputation of undergraduate school is a factor in the initial screening. Notre Dame has had a strong preprofessional training reputation with more than 80 medical centers and for more than 90 years.

Secondary Application

  • The application is meant to demonstrate knowledge of and fit for a particular school.
  • Questions vary by school. In general, they are trying to ascertain why you are choosing this specific school.
  • This stage is highly variable. Some schools send secondary applications to everyone. Some schools pre-select their applicants.
  • Be careful filling out the secondary applications and keep copies for your records.
  • Fill out the forms as quickly as possible.
  • Fees range from $35 to $150.
  • Convince the admissions committee that they want to meet and interview you.

Status from Professional School Admissions Committee

  • After reviewing secondary applications, applicants may be offered an interview, placed on hold for further consideration (usually a result of waiting for summer/fall grades or repeat MCAT scores), or rejected.
  • After the interview, the applicant can be accepted, placed on hold for further consideration (because of grades or committee conversations), placed on the wait list (with changes most likely between May 15 and June 15 and just before classes begin), or rejected.