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New paper examines shifting gears in the circadian clock of the heart

Author: William G. Gilroy

A human torso and heart, illustration

A new study conducted by a team of scientists led by Giles Duffield, assistant professor of biological sciences and a member of the Eck Institute for Global Health at the University of Notre Dame, focuses on the circadian clock of the heart, using cultured heart tissue. The results of the new study have implications for cardiovascular health, including daily changes in responses to stress and the effect of long-term rotational shift work.

Previous studies by a research group at the University of Geneva demonstrated a role for glucocorticoids in shifting the biological clock, and characterized this effect in the liver.

The new Notre Dame study, which appears in the Oct. 23 edition of the journal PLoS ONE, reveals that time-of-day specific treatment with a synthetic glucocorticoid, known as dexamethasone, could shift the circadian rhythms of atria samples, but the time-specific effect on the direction of the shifts was different from the liver. For example, when glucocorticoid treatment produces advances of the liver clock, in the atria it produces delays.

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The Fall Undergraduate Research Fair will be held on Thursday, October 25

Author: Stephanie Healey

Fall Undergraduate Research Fair 2012

The annual Fall Undergraduate Research Fair will take place on Thursday, October 25 from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. in the Jordan Hall of Science. All science students are invited and encouraged to attend to learn more about the undergraduate research experience at Notre Dame.

Students who are already involved in research will be at the fair to present their original work through poster presentations.

Representatives from organizations involved in research will also be available to talk to students interested in finding research opportunities during the poster presentations.

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Parseghians receive 2012 Founder’s Award

Author: Gene Stowe

Katie and Ara Parseghian

The Dooley Society awarded its 2012 Founder’s Award to Katie and Ara Parseghian, recognizing the contributions of the legendary former football coach and his wife to awareness and research funding for Niemann-Pick Type C disease. The family started the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation after three of the Parseghians’ grandchildren were diagnosed with NPC in 1994.

The foundation has raised some $33 million and funded some 75 researchers, including 14 currently conducting projects. Its Notre Dame ties were deepened in 2010 with the establishment of the Michael, Marcia and Christa Foundation for Excellence that sponsors research and an annual conference with scientists and families.


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Medical Missions: Changing Lives, Making a Difference

Author: Kathy Levy

Michael Ozga in Peru

The Dr. Tom Dooley stipend recipients shared their medical mission experiences with fellow students, friends and Notre Dame alumni at the society's Football Saturday Lecture on September 8, 2012.

The students expressed their appreciation to the Dooley Society for enabling them to go to the most impoverished places on earth. They worked alongside volunteers and professionals that cared deeply about their responsibilities and sometimes they took the place of negligent doctors. These students didn’t stand back and observe, they stepped in and contributed as best they could in difficult work environments.

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