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Notre Dame alumnus launches health and wellness start-up

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Chris Freise

Chris Freise, a 2012 entrepreneurship master's (ESTEEM) alumnus, has formed a startup with three partners to develop a novel application to promote wellness by tracking activities, making recommendations, and rewarding good behavior. After working at Epic, a healthcare software company based in Madison, Wis., Freise formed  UpDown Technologies Inc., in January. UpDown plans beta testing and case studies this summer, and expects to enter the market by early 2016.

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Tissues with issues: A deeper look at breast cancer

Author: Samaria O'Brien

Matt Massana

Understanding the mechanisms of cancer progression is incredibly important in discovering a cure. Matthew Messana, a senior biochemistry major at the University of Notre Dame, is dedicated to investigating the mechanisms that are relevant to breast cancer. Messana works in the lab of Laurie Littlepage, Campbell Assistant Professor of Cancer Research in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Littlepage’s research focuses specifically on the contributions of the surrounding microenvironment to both cancer progression and normal tissue development in the mammary gland and prostate.

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Understanding the culture behind cell cultures

Author: Jenna Bilinski

Orrin Belden

The immune system plays an important part in the formation and progression of cancer cells. Orrin Belden, a senior science preprofessional major, has spent his past two years better understanding and contributing to the field of immunology. Orrin works for Brian Baker, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, whose lab focuses on developing immunological therapies for cancer based on cellular immunity.

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