ATTENTION: No Timeline Will be Provided for Committee Letter

Author: Corianne Kellems

After your interview has been completed, the Preprofessional Office will need a copy of your AMCAS submitted application AND an email notice to Carry Teshka that all of the letters of recommendations are in before we can move your file to the queue. After the notification has been received is when your file within our office is now placed in a queue to have your 4-5 page committee letter written by the advisor you had your interview with. Please know EACH student applying to medical school will have a 4-5 page committee letter. Can you imagine the two advisors writing all those words for over 400 students? Trivia question: How many pages total will the advisors write, if, lets say the advisors write 4 pages per student and there are 400 students applying to medical school in 2021? Your file is placed in the order you emailed Carry your submitted application from AMCAS and notified her of your letters of recommendations being turned in. In simple terms, your file is placed behind the student who completed these tasks before you. This process is tedious and a long one and requires A LOT of patience from your side as there could be over 400 students applying to medical school this year at Notre Dame! Catch a theme? Patience should be your mantra for the upcoming months!

NO TIMELINE WILL BE PROVIDED FOR COMMITTEE LETTERS. Please do not email asking for a timeline on your Committee Letter. We do not have one to give you. 


PLEASE NOTE: This is an extremely busy time in our office. We are helping each of you reach your goals on attending medical school. We know this is a very important and crucial moment in your life. We know most, if not all, of the deadlines within the medical school application process. We are all working diligently with each of you during this process. 

Please reach out to me should you have any questions. 

Best of luck!