Future Alumni's & Pre-Health Cycle

Author: Corianne Kellems

Dear Future Alumni's, 

As you receive all the love and congratulations you deserve in the following weeks to Graduation, there are steps you still need to be aware of with the Pre-Health Cycle! 

For students that are taking a Gap Year or for students who will be applying to Medical School after graduation, please be aware that it is your responsibility to reach out to our office in October 2021 and notify us that you will be reapplying. 

We will start the 2022 cycle in October 2021, which would be anyone who is taking a Gap Year or anyone who has waited to apply until after graduation. 

Please stay in communication with our office if you are planning to apply in the future.

Sometimes with all the new changes in your life, it is easy to forget the steps but this is crucial when it comes time to apply to Medical School. We will send out an email in October 2021 notifying you that the 2022 cycle is approaching. However, there are always a few students who no longer check their nd or alumni email which then those students fall behind! 

Be prepared and take control of your future Medical School Application before you depart campus!!