International Medical Project over Fall Break

Author: Cheryl Kelly

International Medical Project over Fall Break: The Timmy Foundation of ND’s Brigade 2010

For those of you who are interested in international service work, public health, medicine, sustainable healthcare and education, come hear what the Timmy Foundation of Notre Dame does every Fall Break. Every year, 18 Notre Dame students recruit a team of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, collect thousands of medical supplies, and fly down to Quito, Ecuador to carry out a medical brigade as part of a larger, ongoing public health project.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Timmy Foundation of ND, their year-round fundraising/advocacy activities, and the annual Fall Break medical brigade, come to the McNeill Room in LaFun (across from Subway) this Monday at 8 PM. Past trip-participants will be there to answer any questions about their unique and inspiring experiences while working in Quito.

For more information, contact Janna Lam ( or Adeline Dozois (


Originally published by Cheryl Kelly at on November 04, 2010.