Interview etiquette | cancelling an interview

Author: Dr. Kolberg

As the interview season progresses, you may receive an offer from you most wishes for school and still have other interviews scheduled.

You may cancel and interview if that interview is more than 7 days away. Contact the school via email or through an interview app that some schools have set up. Be sure to thank them for the opportunity. A few schools may send you a reminder email with a cancel feature within 5 days, if they have initiated the cancel opportunity then this shorter window is also acceptable.

Cancellations on short notice harm the ability of your fellow students to get an interview at that school. Notre Dame has a reputation in some placed of arrogance and this behavior feeds that opinion; damaging the opinion of that school toward other ND applicants this year in future years.

While one should never say never, almost never would you cancel an interview within 24 hours.

Good luck on the interview and enjoy- even if it is not your first choice before a visit, you could find a treasure of which you were unaware.