ND-Weill Cornell Summer Internship

Author: Sheryl Lu

Students from College of Science are welcome to apply for an internship available at Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery in New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine.

The internship is a great opportunity for students interested in biomedical research in clinical settings. The department of Cardiothoracic Surgery has a robust research infrastructure and a student would learn a lot about biomedical research. There would also be an opportunity to clinical exposure in the cardiac surgery operating rooms.

For the position:

· $5K funding support from College of Science

· Students are responsible for their own housing and travel

· Duration: 8 weeks


· Students with a College of Science major

· GPA > 3.0

· Currently sophomore or junior

How to apply:

The following needs to be submitted:

1. Personal statement

2. Transcript

3. One reference letter from an ND faculty

Deadline: March 16th, 2020

For questions, please email to kkolberg@nd.edu or xlu1@nd.edu