Phone Etiquette Tips

Author: Corianne Kellems

How to Phone

With the pandemic we have learned several new ways how to stay connected. Even though phones have been around for some time, it appears more than ever we all need a refresher. 

While most interaction nowadays is done over the phone or email, it is important to make sure you refresh yourself on how to be a professional with your phone. 

Since the pandemic, most faculty and staff members have been working remotely. Which means, most have their office phone transferred to their cell phone. Noting what times a office is open is important. The Preprofessional Office is open M-F 8am to 5pm EST. Calling an office at 1 in the morning is just simply plain out rude. Once again, a reminder, our office phones are connected to our cell phones. Simply put, you are calling someones cell phone (office phone diverted to cell) at 1 in the morning. Calling several times on a Sunday at 7pm is unprofessional. Which leads to the next recommendation.

DO NOT call ANY office several times in a row. For whatever reasons students like to call several times in a row, if their initial call was not answered. Please leave a voicemail if your call was not answered. DO NOT call ANY office several times in a row. Please allow at minimum a 1 business day response and with a maximum of a 2 business day response for a call back. After allowing 2 business days to pass, if you have not received a call back, it is appropriate to call the office again. 

If your call was not answered and you are left with the option of a leaving a voicemail, leave your name and number so that we can return your call. A lot of students will leave a voicemail but will not state their name or their contact number. This is important information for a call back. 

What I hope you have learned from this:

1. Find out office hours. Do not call any professional office at 1 in the morning. 

2. Do not call ANY office several times, if your initial call was not answered. 

3. Leave a voicemail with your name and number.

Below you will find videos on how to improve your phone skills: