Pre-Med Updates

Author: Corianne Kellems

Dear students and alumni, 
Fr. Foster and I wanted to let you know what we currently know.
We will provide updates as they become available on the application process.


Please know we will do all the scheduled interviews and we are planning to do them at the time they are scheduled. We will be using phone right now and may convert to other methods.  Keep an eye on your email for updates on how to make contact for the interview. Please be attentive to the time slot as we will need to reschedule out into May if you miss your time.


We have heard of the March MCAT cancellations. MCAT has waived their change fees for those with March or April exams.  If you have a test in April, it would be a good idea to schedule for the end of May or in June. Pearson has been asked to add more dates but there is no official move to do that yet.  Keep an eye on the MCAT twitter feed as we will also.
This is affecting thousands of applicants and the system will need to respond.
In our advisor forums, medical schools have already started to pledge to slow their roll on inviting folks for interviews and not give out all the slots in June/July/August.  The Texas schools are being especially forthcoming since they have traditionally moved the fastest.
We are supposed to have a Webinar with AMCAS on April 2nd so we will know more then.


As far as materials, we will be working to record lectures and then use the Thursday night hour for open questions.


You will find that clinical volunteering and shadowing will not be available to you in most places, but clinical employment might be - use your judgment about risk when deciding to do this, however.

Preparing for the Application

Do check out virtual fairs like this one from UNE DO
Spend some time journaling about your competencies preparation with these worksheets from the AAMC
Listen to this excellent podcast is a great way to prepare as well (and ND gets a good shout out from Univ Illinois)

Non-Clinical Volunteer Work

Many non-profits are not taking volunteers at this time due to the risk of exposure to you and to those they serve. There are opportunities to help agencies and organizations virtually and you can find a few here 

Learn About Pandemics (you know it will be a question on interviews)



Stay healthy, 
Fr. Foster and Dr. Kolberg