SCPP | In preparation for the College of Science Diploma Ceremony

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A message from Ms. Teshka:

"SCPP Graduates,


With graduation rapidly approaching, we have some requests for you to get ready for the College of Science diploma ceremony.


Names will be read at the ceremony before you walk across the stage to receive your diploma holder (diplomas will be sent later). If you have an unusual name, or one that is commonly mispronounced, please email Dean Kathleen Kolberg at with the phonetic spelling as soon as you can. We want to be sure to pronounce yours correctly. Also, if you know your Latin honors (if any), please let us know.  If you would like a picture to be shown on the large screens, please also send that to Dr. Kathleen Kolberg at


We do have a small graduation gift for you. Please stop by the office the week before graduation between the hours of 9 and 1. There will be books outside of the office on a table. Please take one of each.


Congratulations on this special occasion!"


Carry Teshka

Administrative Assistant