Office Procedures | 219 Jordan Hall of Science

Author: Corianne Kellems

The Science Preprofessional Advisors in 219 Jordan Hall of Science will be meeting remotely for the foreseeable future, but can meet in person if needed for urgent issues or questions.


FAQ's for the Science Preprofessional Office


FAQ's for the Science Preprofessional Office

If are a freshmen and want to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors in the Science Preprofessional Office (SCPP)


... we recommend reaching out to your first year advisor as they will be able to provide requirements for your first year. If you do not know your first year advisor visit



…you are a Sophomore, Junior, Senior | Pre Health and/or SCPP wanting to get on track with your upcoming health profession or would like to discuss SCPP major

Then 574-631-4890 or email to discuss availability with our advisors.


If need help with an override


…email Fr. Foster 


If have questions for College of Science Assistant Dean Kolberg

Then Dean Kolberg | or Lori Geoffney |


If have a question about study abroad



And if you still have questions about study abroad and would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Gursky please call 574-631-4890 or email to discuss availability.


If have a question about Compassionate Care in Medicine

Then Dr. Vachon | or Rose Carroll |


Pre Health Application Process | General Info


Freshman year- Students will be assigned a First Year Advisor within their respective college.


Sophomore Year-Students officially declare majors.  Sophomores will meet with advisors to make sure they are on track with grades, research, service hours, etc.  Will often want to talk about summer experiences and opportunities.  In addition, students accepted into various study abroad programs will make appointments to ensure that they are meeting requirements for Pre Health and their major during their semester away.  Meetings should be scheduled with Dr. Gursky.


Junior Year- Students will decide between attempting to enter Pre Health / Medical School immediately after graduation, or if they will be taking a gap year.  Advising meetings are typically scheduled with either Fr. Foster or Dr. Kolberg.  Those who intend to matriculate immediately after graduation will initiate the process during their second semester of junior year, and will apply during the summer before senior year.  Those taking one or multiple gap years will complete this process a year later, as seniors.

  1. Communicate with Carry to be added to the 1-credit preparing for health professions course, offered in the second semester
  2. Turn in an Intent to Apply Form, along with the pre-med questionnaire.
  3. Schedule 1-hr Pre-Med Interview with Fr. Foster or Dr. Kolberg
  4. Fill out AMCAS Primary application (Usually opens on June 1st)
  5. Attain letters from recommenders, must be turned into the office by June 1st to receive priority for a committee letter.


Senior Year- Advising meetings are scheduled with either Fr. Foster or Dr. Kolberg. Students taking a gap year will initiate the process above.  Even if taking more than one gap year, they will often turn in an intent form and schedule and interview in order to have a file generated in our office and have a meeting with an advisor before leaving ND.  Students in the midst of the application process will also schedule meetings to update advisors and seek guidance. 


Grad Students/Alumni- Graduate students and ND alumni can also utilize the advising services in our office.  Those not located at ND can schedule phone interviews with our advisors and conduct the process remotely.