Undergraduate Majors


The flexible majors in the preprofessional studies program allow students to work with the chair or associate dean in the College of Science to design an individualized curriculum that will enable them to enter the profession best suited to their interests. These programs provide a strong science background that allows for breadth in diverse areas of the arts and humanities.

There are four programs of study in two major sequences.

Science Preprofessional Studies

The science preprofessional studies program prepares students for fields such as medicine, dentistry, osteopathy, veterinary medicine, optometry, podiatry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, public health, pharmacy and post-baccalaureate nursing. Students who complete this program will earn a Bachelor of Science in Preprofessional Studies.

Review a sample curriculum for the  Bachelor of Science in Preprofessional Studies.

Compare requirements and credits for the three popular pre-health majors: science preprofessional studies, biological sciences, and arts and letters preprofessional studies.

Collegiate Sequence

There are three programs in the collegiate sequence which lead to Bachelor of Science: Science-Business, Science-Computing, or Science-Education.

Review sample curricula for the collegiate sequence majors.

Please note:

  • Science preprofessional courses do not count as science electives.
  • Students in the programs who expect to apply to professional school and desire to study abroad should schedule their study abroad for the fall semester of junior year.